Social Traffic Jacker Review – A superb Software Helps To Share The Content To Your Social Accounts On Autopilot For Laser Targeted Traffic & Conversions

Social Traffic Jacker is an AMAZING product by Anthony Hayes and Andrew Darius. Social Traffic Jacker  is a new tool that does traffic jacking on complete autopilot. Traffic jacking is a term used for when you share links to other people’s content with your own call to action appearing in the content that you share. This solution does it differently than any other jacking tool with one simple tweak. It uses RSS feeds so that it can run on Autopilot, and you can grab an RSS feed from top authority sites and blogs in any niche and when they publish new content.

Social Traffic Jacker is a software that help marketers create high converting lead bait for super fast automated list building. Also, by using this tool. you can easily add 3 accounts on 3 high traffic social platforms,  Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and  add up to 4 CTA’s To Rotate & Split Test. It can also grow your social audience on autopilot, build your retargeting audience on the fly, drive highly targeted traffic, share great content with our social audience, and more.

Social Traffic Jacker

Social Traffic Jacker Review

Detailed Product Of Social Traffic Jacker:

• Product: Social Traffic Jacker
• Launch Date: 2017 – 06 – 06 At 11:00 EDT
• Vendor: Anthony Hayes and Andrew Darius
• Rating : 4.5stars - Fiverr Income Secrets - Social Traffic Jacker


Social Traffic Jacker

With everything running on 100% autopilot after split testing, tweaking and optimizing campaigns you can have…

  • 100% Automated List Building
  • 100% Automated Social Growth100% Automated Service To Offer Clients
  • 100% Automated Lead Generation
  • 100% Automated Retargeting Audience Growth
  • 100% Automated Affiliate Commissions
  • 100% Automated Amazon Affiliate Campaigns
  • 100% Automated Sales

What EXACTLY Does Social Traffic Jacker Do?

  • STEP 1:  Share content from authority sites within minutes of new content published using RSS feeds

    Social Traffic Jacker Review

    This works in ANY niche by identifying the influencers and authority sites that post great content that your target audience loves and is familiar with. If that’s all this tool did it would still be great but they took this much further.

  • STEP 2: Add up to 4 call to actions to rotate and split test like a pro on autopilot!

    Social Traffic Jacker Review

    Add up to 4 Call To Actions on every campaign and the software will rotate the offers. With Choices for Banner Ads, Optin Forms, Video Pop Up’s and more, you have opportunities to split test like a pro!

  • STEP 3: Choose Social Accounts To Post To

    Social Traffic Jacker Review

    This is where they really stand apart from other social media curation and posting tools… Users can add up to three social accounts from each social platform to their “Run Forever” campaigns. With ability to post to Facebook pages, groups and timelines as well as Twitter & Instagram.

  • STEP 4: Tweak & Optimize Your Campaigns Using Data From The The Analytics Dashboard

    Social Traffic Jacker Review

    Your analytics Dashboard will give you data to tweak & optimize your campaigns. When you have it converting well you can let the campaign run forever on autopilot!

Attract, Engage & Convert Using Authority Site Content With This Powerful GAME CHANGING Social Media Marketing System On Complete Autopilot!

  • Build Email Lists, Leads, Grow Social Following & Drive Sales 100% Hands Free!
    Build email lists, social audiences on complete autopilot, sounds crazy but its REAL!
    Sharing Great Content with your CTA on every link will build assets to allow you to remarket to these audiences whenever you choose and ultimately make sales and commissions for you!
  • Piggyback On The Content & Influence Of Authority Sites Forever & 100% Hands Free Without Creating Your Own Content
    Sharing great content is something that all top influencers do on a daily basis, but it can be really hard work!
    With Social Traffic Jacker the software does All the hard work for you!
  • Share The Content To Your Social Accounts On Autopilot For Laser Targeted Traffic & Conversions
    Automation is awesome when its done properly and intelligently. Choosing content from the top content providers using RSS feeds means that when they make a new post, you are sharing that to your social accounts within minutes on autopilot.

Take A Look At Some Of The Great Features Of This Powerful Ground Breaking Software

  • Social Accounts
    Add Up To Three Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Accounts To Auto Post Whenever New Content Is Published From Authority Sites.
  • Posts To Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
    Posts To Facebook Pages, Timelines & Groups As Well As Unlimited Twitter & Instagram Accounts
  • Easy Social Account Integrations
    Adding social profiles to your Social Traffic Jacker account is super simple with easy App authorizations
  • Works With Major Autoresponders
    Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact, Market Hero & More. You can also add others & we have test button to make sure its working.
  • Add Your Own Custom Domains
    Ability to add your own domains to be used for share links builds extra credibility to your social curation. You can add unlimited domains easily with step by step training provided.
  • Rotate & Split Test Call To Actions
    Split testing up to 4 CTA’s per campaign allows to to tweak and optimize campaigns for maximum conversions and maximize your traffic while marketing like a pro!
  • Built In Analytics & Posts Calendar
    Use the posts calendar to click on links from your campaigns and see the analytics, stats and data that matter, removing any guesswork and maximize your campaigns.
  • Multiple “Intelligent” CTA Options
    Top quality training is provided as well as built in tools with options for banner ads, optin forms, smart bars, full page optin splash screens, video pop ups and more!

What Makes It Different From Other Traffic Jacking Tools?

  • The major difference is that it uses RSS feeds from any site, youtube channel or any RSS feed at all to trigger social shares.
  • Ideally this is done using Authority sites or Influencers blogs in your targeted niche.
  • When a new post is made by the authority site it is being shared by Social Traffic Jacker within minutes
  • Social Traffic Jacker has analytics data down to each individual CTA level for each campaign.
  • When you’re happy with split testing results the campaigns can be left alone to run forever!
  • If you to want to just auto post without a CTA for some campaigns this can be done by simply not adding any CTA in campaign settings, this will create a campaign for simply sharing quality content within minutes of being posted

Social Traffic Jacker

Social Traffic Jacker Video Demo


  1. Choose Authority Site RSS – Social curation is a great way to build your own authority on sites like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Social Traffic Jacker automates this by using RSS feeds from authority sites which guarantees great content. Just set it up ONE time and that will post any new content being published automatically by an influencer or authority site within minutes posting to UNLIMITED social accounts.
  2. Add Up To 4 CTA’s – Adding 4 Call To Actions that are relevant and fit the content being shared enables effective split testing. This software have built in a variety of CTA options including image and video popups, optin forms, full page splash pages, breaking news templates and even Amazon affiliate offers. This can be done twice per campaign, meaning every link shared will have 2 CTA’s.
  3. Set Up Campaign – Campaign settings allows us to choose what content is being shared with the choices of CTA’s. Up to two different CTA’s can be used on a campaign (with 4 split test CTA options on each) which is great to show an offer when a post loads and on exit intent. There no limitations on how many accounts are posted to for campaigns, you can Post to 5 accounts or 500.
  4. Tweak & Optimize – With analytics built in you can quickly decide on which offers are performing best and split test and optimize your campaigns further. With up to 2 separate CTA’s per link shared this is doubly effective. When you are happy your campaign is optimized for best conversions you can let the campaign run forever and whenever the authority site publishes new content you are sharing it on autopilot fully conversion optimized!

Here Are The Powerful Features Of Social Traffic Jacker…

  • Targeted Traffic – Every niche has authority sites and influencers, and by sharing the very best content from that niche all on 100% autopilot you can laser target your audience without being spammy.
  • Dynamic Split Testing System – Each campaign has a CTA (unless you want to post without using a CTA which is possible too. For each CTA thats being shared you can split test up to 4 CTA’s in rotation to determine which is converting best.
  • Conversion Tracking System – The conversion tracking system will let you see which CTA’ are converting, types of CTA’s any audience prefers and enables you to refine, tweak and optimize your offers so that the campaigns run forever & are optimized for conversions.
  • Set & Forget Campaigns – Campaigns when set up will keep running unless you choose to set a an end date to them. Its a super fast set up too.
  • Campaigns Run Forever – When choosing an RSS feed for content from authority sites to be shared, whenever that site publishes a new post the tool kicks in and posts within minutes, which means campaigns will run as long as that site keeps posting content regularly.
  • Multiple CTA’s Per Campaign – AS well as being able to split test up to 4 CTA’s per campaign. We recently added ability to have two CTA’s appear on any shared link by time on page, scroll, exit intent and more.
  • Amazon Affiliate Campaigns – Search amazon by category, keyword or even latest products and choose which products to add as a CTA to post into social accounts in ratation all on autopilot!
  • Facebook Group & Page Search – East to use tool that helps find Facebook pages and groups to join.
  • Unlimited Accounts Per Campaign – This is what sets Social Traffic jackaer apart from other tools, as well as automated content syndication, users can add unlimited social accounts to each campaign.
  • High Converting Templates – The CTA is everything with traffic jacking and we have ensured that we have the highest converting options from full page squeeze splash pages to banners, options and video popups and many more!
  • Post To 6 Social Sites – Social Traffic Jacker Works with Facebook Groups & Pages, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin & Pinterest.
  • Unlimited Social Accounts – There are no limitations on the amount of accounts you can add for each site and we have 2 click app authorization as well as a back up manual api solution for adding accounts.

Here’s A Preview Of Just Some Things You Can Do

  • Full Page Splash Screens Optin Forms
    High Converting Call To Action Templates With Easy Set Up. This Example Of A Full Page Splash Screen Optin Form Has Converted At 29% For My Own Offers. It Literally Is List Building On Autopilot And Completely Hands Free!

    Social Traffic Jacker Review

  • Video With CTA
    This is A Very Powerful Call To Action Feature If Used Correctly. If The Video Fits the Content You Are Sharing Then You Can Add Affiliate Links And Make Sales Again On Autopilot With Campaigns That Will Run Forever.

    Social Traffic Jacker Review

  • Massive Campaign Posting Options
    This Is Where We Add Some Major Power To Our Campaigns With Bulk Social Posting. You Get 3 Accounts For Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Which means You can Post To Unlimited FanPages On Your Facebook Accounts, Post To Facebook Timelines and Facebook Groups That You Admin

    Social Traffic Jacker

    Social Traffic Jacker Review

“I have been using this tool & traffic system for a few weeks now and love the ability to post to facebook groups this way, is worth the price of admission, just for that alone. some of these groups are MASSIVE and very active which puts MY posts in front of about half a million eyeballs very rapidly. Remember, each Facebook profile can join up to 4000 groups! Even the small groups can be extremely valuable for a high ticket sales commission, plus my retargeting audience is growing rapidly”
Morgan Martin

“All i can say is WOW i have known Tony from when he began Developing softwares and believe me when i say, when he Launches one I never miss Out, i know its cutting edge..But when I saw Social Traffic Jacker I knew it was entirely a different Animal Completely! I Mean to say Traffic is what its all about in the end, no matter how Great the Content, or how optimised Your site, no traffic still Equals No Money and Social Traffic Jacker is the be all and end all Solution for Traffic on Autopilot!”
Gary Affron
Autobot Softwares

“As a developer of products myself, I understand the beauty of a product that 1. Is designed for the user 2. Has a great a great support system and 3. Actually does what it supposed to do. Social Traffic Jacker gets a Passing grade on all three points. Tony and Mark have been working tirelessly on this and the Skype group is so active at times it sounds like a machine gun. We all need TRAFFIC. Social Traffic Jacker definitely gets an A+ from me. I develop tools and I love this one.”
Patrick Tuttle
Customer & Product Developer

Social Traffic Jacker

Social Traffic Jacker is very very professional product and best choice for you. Social Traffic Jacker powerful software is built for Traffic & Conversions using quality social curation completely hands free and with the ability to split test your offers, tweak and optimize your campaigns using real data and let your campaigns run forever. With a simple 3 minute campaign set up you can start to see traffic & conversions on autopilot while providing a great service to your social audiences. In fact it’s SO GOOD & SO EASY it’s almost unfair! 30 days 100% money back GUARANTEE. Grab Social Traffic Jacker Now!

Social Traffic Jacker


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